The PureWeb Reality platform gives you the ability to stream real-time 3D content for digital twins, product configuration, training simulation, events and other dynamic applications. This rich content is accessible on any modern web browser from your laptop, phone or tablet; there's no need for the end user to download or install anything!

What do you need?

  • a 3D game package developed in Unity or Unreal
  • a deployed web client

How does it work?

The PureWeb Reality platform is a fully managed provider of interactive metaverse experiences.  You provide the 3D model, and the Reality platform handles infrastructure management, model deployment, global routing & load balancing, scheduling and much more.

Following upload through our Console, your 3D game package is directly fed into our deployment pipeline. The first time you upload a model, our team will rapidly prepare your streaming infrastructure. Following the initial set up, you can update your model through the console at any time.

Finally, your users will connect to your game package using a web client. Our platform provides a default preview client for rapid feedback and testing. For production deployment, we provide a web client template that can be configured in seconds.

Once deployed, the web client seamlessly handles coordination of streaming session connections, region selection, queuing and more to ensure the fastest time from request to delivery of a stream in the user's web browser.

In short:

  1. You upload your prepared 3D game package through the PureWeb Reality console
  2. You configure and deploy your web client to your desired hosting service
  3. Users can begin streaming from their web browser on their device of choice

Scheduling & Auto-Scaling

For timebound events with a large number of users, you'll want to discuss reserving server capacity with your sales representative ahead of time. The PureWeb Reality platform can dynamically scale the number of servers up (or down) over time to adjust to user demand during your event.

What Next?

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