It is possible to embed the PureWeb Preview Client into a web page in your domain. However, before doing so, please make sure you've read the following article:

How do I change the preview client?
In short: you can’t. The preview client that is available from the PureWeb Reality Console is a version of our React web client template. It has been customized to allow you a quick way to preview and test the streaming for your game packages; it is not intended for use

If you need to modify the web client in any way, you'll need to create a custom one. Full details on getting started with a custom web client can be found here:

Create a web client
Use PureWeb’s React web client template to create a custom end user experience.

Embedding the Preview Client

In the case that you want to embed the Preview Client into your site, follow the steps below.

Step 1: On the model card in your PureWeb Console account, click on "Share" and copy the tokenized URL.

Step 2: Add &embed=true to the end of the URL  

Step 3: On the site you are embedding the Preview Client into, add an iframe similar to:

<iframe src="https://use-URL-from-step-1-and-2" allowfullscreen />

Step 4: Save the HTML, deploy and test.

The embed flag described above will hide the Preview Client's header bar, as well as the breadcrumb trail that includes the model name, making it perfect for cases where no custom web client functionality is required for your streaming experience.