Jan 26, 2024


Today, we’re improving the way you secure access to your PureWeb account, by providing optional two-factor authentication (2FA) for console users.
When you log into the console for the first time, you’ll be prompted to turn on 2FA for your account. Using 2FA is completely optional, but it is an excellent way to improve the security of your account.
For more information on enabling 2FA, please see this article: https://developer.pureweb.io/enabling-console-mfa/.                                  

If you want to disable 2FA, the instructions can be found in this article: https://developer.pureweb.io/disabling-console-mfa/

CoreWeave Security Improvements
We have also released a collection of changes to further improve data security within our CoreWeave based providers. These changes should be completely transparent to end users.

Jan 18, 2024


Today we’re excited to release an entirely new class of on-demand infrastructure in the PureWeb platform. Taking advantage of the top tier rendering GPUs available in CoreWeave, we are introducing a new High Performance on-demand provider. These new providers, which are available today in both the Western and Eastern United States, are equipped with Nvidia’s powerful RTX A6000 GPUs, 32 GB of RAM, and 10 vCPUs. Capable of powering your most demanding Unreal and Unity streaming projects.

We ran these new providers through their paces with some GPU melting workloads, and we found that our testbench of Unreal applications saw framerate improvements that ranged from 28% to 67%, and our Unity testbench saw improvements ranging from 35% to 48%, when compared to our existing CoreWeave providers.

We also benchmarked against our Nvidia A10G-based dedicated providers, and found that frame rates of the high-performance CoreWeave providers saw improvements ranging from 20% to 132%, depending on the what was being rendered. Depending on the performance characteristics of your model, it can be possible to run these new on-demand providers in a hybrid configuration with a dedicated provider running A10G powered instances for better global reach.

If you’re interested in trying out these new providers, please reach out to your customer success manager, or email support@pureweb.com.

Other releases

We have also released a patch to our Unity plugin (v.3.0.9) available here: https://pureweb-na.s3.amazonaws.com/nightlies/PixelStreaming/com.pureweb.platform-3.0.9.tgz.

This version fixes an issue where touch events from mobile devices were causing a persistent hover effect on UI elements.

Finally, a note about release notes

Over the last year, we’ve rapidly sped up our release cadence. Part of this was done through breaking work down in to smaller releasable units. Due if this, we would often end up publish release notes two or three times a week. Starting in 2024, we’re going to switch to publishing release notes approximately every two weeks. so we can bundle all these updates together, so you’re not inundated with release messaging.

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