What's the difference between streaming VR applications on the PureWeb Reality platform vs running the game directly in the headset?

When running a VR experience in the headset, the quality depends on device capability, whereas with PureWeb Reality you're rendering from the cloud, which ensures consistent visual quality across all devices.

Most headsets have limited storage space and processing capabilities. Streaming an experience to your headset through our platform removes both of these limitations.

By streaming your VR experience you can take advantage of the high-end GPU and processing power available from our global network of cloud providers, and run a VR experience of far greater visual fidelity directly to the headset, all without ever having to download it to the device!

Additionally, consider the benefits from an enterprise IT management and security perspective. You can update the experience in the cloud at any time, as often as you want. The application is never downloaded to the device and your end users automatically get the latest version.