In some cases, a very restrictive network and/or firewall can block access to services that are required for the streaming experience. If you encounter any issues of this nature, please add the entire UDP port range for streaming to your whitelist.

Please follow these instructions completely. All of the below steps must be completed during the whitelisting procedure.

For sending live video streams the outbound UDP port range 64936-65535 should be open to the hosted streaming servers using the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP).

Also, include the following domains on port TCP 443:

*.appsync-api.* (UDP/TCP on port 3478 and TCP 443)

All of the above are secure https or websocket APIs, utilizing port 443.

Whitelisting without wildcards

Some firewalls cannot be configured using wildcard URLs. In that case, use the list below with more specific domains:
wss:// (UDP/TCP on port 3478 and TCP 443)

In addition, the following URLs enable latency measurements to PureWeb's supported data centers for latency based routing: