If the aspect ratio of your Unity stream is not what you expect, there may be a reason for it, and a way to fix it!


When a cloud server initializes, it may have different resolution settings than that of your Unity game. If your game's resolution is set to Default is Native Resolution, but the server doesn't start in that resolution, you would see that reflected in the stream...even if you had set a default width and height.

Unity project resolution settings

Before building your Unity package to submit through the PureWeb Console, do the following steps:

  1. In Unity, under the EDIT menu click "Project Settings"
  2. Click "Player" in the left tab
  3. Expand the "Resolution and Presentation" options
  4. Set "Fullscreen Mode" to "Windowed"
  5. Set "Default Screen Width" to 1920
  6. Set "Default Screen Height" to 1080
  7. Check "Mac Retina Support"

Once you're finished, your settings should look like this: