At some point you may want to uninstall the PureWeb SDK and related tools from your computer.

To do this, you'll use the npm uninstall command in a command prompt window. This command uninstalls the specified package, completely removing everything npm installed on its behalf.

The two items that you'll need to uninstall are the platform-cli and the platform-streaming-agent as follows:

npm uninstall -g @pureweb/platform-cli
npm uninstall -g @pureweb/platform-streaming-agent

In global mode (i.e.: with -g or --global appended to the command), it uninstalls the current package context as a global package.

Note that if you remove these packages your custom web client will no long build or function in your local environment.

For more complete details on how to uninstall Node packages see their full documentation.

npm-uninstall | npm Docs
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