Q: Why is the resolution of the game stream not what I expect?

A: The PureWeb plugin for Unreal, which enables resize (UE 4.27 and later utilizes the documented blueprint and the latest PureWeb SDK), allows the resolution to be set to the browser client's viewport width and viewport height. When the viewport changes, the game is instructed to change its resolution. In the absence of our resize support, the game will run at the default resolution, as determined by Unreal (or configured by the game developer). Fixed resolution modes are also available through the streamer options.

Q: Why is the quality of the stream low or variable?

A: Unreal will adapt the quality of the stream dynamically, based on the bitrate between the client and the game.  The default configuration for Unreal is to maintain frame rate and resolution, but to dial down the encoder quality. In low bitrate scenarios, the stream will begin to look smudged and blurry as encoder artifacts appear. It defaults to a low of 3000kbps, and if that cannot be maintained, failure to keep up will result with the stream freezing, tearing, etc.