Game / Player Log Files

Due to the cloud-hosted nature of the PureWeb platform, external access to the logs from your game is not possible.

For dedicated instances, the logs are only available while the instance(s) are running. After the instances are terminated, any log files written locally cannot be retrieved.

For on-demand instances, the logs can be retrieved for a short time after the container terminates. In this case, we would require the Launch Request ID for the session (described below) within 24 hours of the session end.

Launch Request Ids

Each session requested (when a user presses the "play" button in their browser) generates a unique launchRequestId. It can be found in the console log window of your web browser.

Troubleshooting, Investigation & Support

We do a substantial amount of logging that can help us aid you when it comes to troubleshooting issues on the PureWeb Reality platform.

It's important that you provide us with as much detail as possible so that we can isolate, replicate, and help you resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Please see our support page for full details.

Further Recommendations

  • use the local streaming workflow to test for issues, defects or other potential concerns before uploading to the console
  • implement logging in your web client or game