Q: A new version of Unreal/Unity was just released, when will the PureWeb plugin be updated?

A: With each release of a new Unreal or Unity version, the question is immediately asked of us: "how soon will a new PureWeb plugin be ready?"

We are unable to provide timelines for plugin updates, as each new game engine release is unique and requires review by our product team. Once that review is complete, any required updates to our plugin are then planned, implemented, and extensively tested. Only after that process is complete will we release a new version of our PureWeb plugin.

Q: What about preview releases of Unreal / Unity?

A: Although our team looks at the preview releases, it is to understand how much might have changed from the previous full version release, and what possible changes our plugin may need (if any).

However, we do not develop against preview release versions as the changes between them, and what is eventually released in the full version, may invalidate any preliminary work we might do. It is more effective for us to develop against the full official versions when they are released by Epic or Unity.