PureWeb does not provide any in-game logging functionality.

Due to the wide array of solutions our clients upload to our platform, we leave this to the individual game developers. Each customer has different needs for logging, as well as how and where they want to store and process this data. With this being the case, in-game logging will be up to your development team to implement.

Unreal has the capability to implement in-game analytics and instrumentation. Many of our customers use Unreal's built-in tools, as well as capture other data through APIs and restful service calls made by the game to the logging tool(s) of your choice.

Since the logging that needs to be done is specific to the needs of each game project, we leave this to the game development team to implement.

For further information please see the detailed Unreal documentation here:

In-Game Analytics
Using in-game analytics to track player engagement and find balance issues.