Q: Can I change the email address I used to create my PureWeb Console account?

A: No. We recommend creating a new console account using the desired email address.

Currently the console account is connected to the email address used to sign up. We are working on support for additional users on the same account, but currently have no firm date on availability for this feature.

What many of our customers do is create a shared email account in their domain that can be used for their PureWeb Console account. This way the email address is not tied to a specific person within their organization, and allows multiple people to manage their models.

In this scenario, we can reassign your existing Reality license to the new console account. Keep in mind however, that we cannot move models from one console account to another. Models will need to be removed from the existing account and resubmitted with the new account, then each configured with the correct virtualization provider.

This process should be coordinated with your PureWeb sales or customer success representative well in advance.