Browser Support

PureWeb Reality is officially supported using the browsers below, on the listed operating systems, two versions back from the latest release. Your game may be accessible with other WebRTC browsers but may require unique or essential browser capability.


  • Windows OS: Chrome and Microsoft Edge
  • Mac OS: Safari and Chrome


  • Android: Chrome
  • iOS and iPadOS: Safari

Please keep in mind that this list of supported browsers is what we validate and test as part of our release and test automation systems. It is not feasible for us to test every combination of device, browser and OS in which streaming may work.

Experimenting with other browsers

If you want to experiment with a non-supported browser, you can build your own implementation of the IsBrowserSupported() function. This function is called in our web client template when the page loads.

Here is an example of the IsBrowserSupported() function:

import { detect, BrowserInfo } from 'detect-browser';
import { isMobile } from 'mobile-device-detect';
export class System {
  static Browser(): BrowserInfo {
    return detect() as BrowserInfo;
  static IsBrowserSupported(): boolean {
    const browser = detect();
    const version = parseInt(browser.version.substring(0, browser.version.indexOf('.')));

    return (
      (( === 'chrome' && version >= 76) ||
        ( === 'edge-chromium' && version >= 76) ||
        ( === 'crios' && version >= 76) ||
        ( === 'safari' && version >= 12) ||
        ( === 'ios' && version >= 12) ||
        ( == 'firefox' && !isMobile && version >= 76)) &&

  static IsWebRTCAvailable(): boolean {
    return window.RTCPeerConnection !== undefined && window.RTCDataChannel !== undefined;

Through experimentation you may find that some unsupported browsers function sufficiently for your use case. However it is important to note that, if you find a defect or incompatibility in a non-supported browser, PureWeb will not provide fixes or support for them in most cases.