If you have users with slow or variable internet connections, it is possible that their connection will be unable to keep up with the stream from your game package, and they will get disconnected as a result.

An interactive video stream requires bandwidth.

If you have a user with a low quality connection, the stream can be connected with that in mind in the web client. However, at a certain threshold, a connection likely shouldn't be made in the first place.

Integrating quality checks and controls so that your web client takes this into account is an important piece of providing your users a good streaming experience. Customizing your web client to test an end user's connection before allowing them to request a stream, or providing them with a reduced quality stream, may be worth considering.

WebRTC Checks

The resources available at https://webrtc.org/ allow you to analyze WebRTC capabilities, rather than pure internet and download speeds, thus giving you a better picture of what you are working with. Take a look at the samples page for some ideas. You could then display a message to the user in your web client if they do not fulfill the requirements for a WebRTC stream.

Reducing Stream Quality

A VideoStream allows for additional parameters that control the stream resolution, bitrate, etc. You can create a lower quality stream for those with less bandwidth. For more information, see the documentation for ViewStreamProps in our SDK.