The PureWeb Platform is utilizing AWS G4.DN instances.  These instances take advantage of Nvidia T4 GPUs.  While they differ in many ways, the most analogous desktop hardware would be an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070.  

We don't prescribe any limitations on the number of polygons in a model. However, the performance of the streaming solution is determined first and foremost by the performance of the underlying game model.  For a good user experience with a single concurrent user, we strongly suggest targeting 60 FPS in the streaming client.  In order to achieve this requires that the game model perform at a minimum of 80 FPS on an Nvidia RTX 2070, as some performance is lost due to the capture, encoding, transmission and decoding of video data.

Additionally, while we do have a 50GB limit on the packed game model size, we strongly recommend that the game be designed such that it can be packed in a 4GB or less (uncompressed) package.  The file size of the game will directly impact the launch time, and as a result, the time the user needs to wait for a stream.