Q: Does the PureWeb Reality platform support Unreal 5.0?
A: Yes, but with some limitations.

An Unreal 5.0 game package will work on our platform with some limitations:

  • Dynamic Resolution Adjustments: (i.e.: stream resize when the browser window’s size is changed) does not work. Epic removed the ability to resize pixel streaming models to match their client side view. Epic anticipates that this feature will be re-added in Unreal 5.1 but we do not have a release date from them at this time. If re-sizing is key to your streaming experience, we advise you stick with 4.27 for now.
  • Collaboration and view-sharing: does not work in Unreal 5.0 due to a change to the client input handler. We expect to have an update to our SDK that will resolve this in the coming weeks.
  • DLSS: NVidia support for DLSS in UE5.0 is still inconsistent and may not work. The NVidia drivers have been updated on both our scheduled and on-demand providers to 511.65, which is necessary to support models built with Unreal 5.0. As DLSS support from Epic improves, we will make the necessary platform changes to support it fully, but at this time DLSS functionality in-engine is not guaranteed.

Our development team is working hard to support more features in the coming months to take full advantage of Unreal 5 on our platform.

Please see the release notes for our UE5 plugin, or view our full UE5 preparation guide for more information.