Q: Does the PureWeb Reality platform support Unreal 5?
A: Not officially.

Unreal 5 is an early access release, which means it's still in active development and undergoing changes by Epic Games. Due to this we don't support it yet.

UE5 was branched from version 4.26, meaning the pixel streaming engine is older than what is in Unreal 4.27. The latest PureWeb plugin for Unreal is designed to support UE 4.27 and will not work in an Unreal 5 project.

Without the PureWeb plugin in your UE5 project, dynamic resolution adjustments (i.e.: stream resize), or other capabilities from our SDK won't function correctly in your game stream.

However, pixel streaming from an Unreal 5 game package may work. If you have a project that you'd like to test, it can be uploaded through the PureWeb console, but please be aware of the above limitations, and the possibility that you may not be able to launch a game stream at all.

We intend to support Unreal 5 as soon as it is officially released by Epic Games.