Jittery Objects

In some models, objects in the scene can be jittery when moving your head. We have found that objects controlled by the physics engine exhibit this behaviour when the physics engine is set to update at a lower rate than the FPS the headset receives.

In Unity the default is 50 FPS. Most sources recommend 90 FPS, but the current limitation in SteamVR is 72 FPS. Our recommendation is to update the physics engine to a range within 72-75 FPS until we can figure out how to increase this limit. (For more information on how the calculation is done click here.)

It is recommended that the physics engine match or exceed the FPS rate that the headset is receiving.

NOTE: Exceeding the rate by a significant amount will typically reduce the overall model performance due to unnecessary calculations, so it is recommended to only match or slightly exceed the FPS if you know the FPS will be variable.

To change this setting, in the Unity Editor, go to: Edit > Project settings > Time > Fixed Timestep